Avana is the source of real power for a real man!

AvanaThe famous drug Avana from India has become even more affordable – now this unique tool help to maintain sexual function, and you can buy it cheap! The effective and powerful drug Indian Avana is not inferior in quality and effectiveness to its more expensive original, which makes it particularly popular in the modern pharmacological market.

You will be able to learn in detail about all the nuances of this remedy. The mechanism of its action and other important aspects of Avana’s direct users, whose reviews are featured on our website. Find out how much the men who preferred this particular remedy were satisfied, and what kind of the specific problems this remedy helped to cope.

How does Avana from India work?

This unique remedy named Avana, which you can buy in our online pharmacy isn’t so expensive (so cheap), but is the most powerful on the speed of the appearance of the effect of a tool on the modern market. Like other PDE-5 inhibitors, avanafil qualitatively affects the phosphodiesterase-specific enzyme of the fifth type, which is necessary for sexually healthy men to resume dormancy after intercourse. In the case of sexual disorders is in the blood of a man permanently.

AvanaAccording to the instructions, Avana from India qualitatively improves erectile function due to increased blood supply to the genital area and relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penile cavernous body. Distinct attention deserves the fact that, by its effectiveness. The drug does not cause any harm to the health of men, provided that it is properly consumed and that it preserves the necessary doses. Safe, high quality, ultra-fast and very cheap, this medicine has become a revolutionary discovery for men!

How long does the effect last after taking of Indian Avana?

The Avana remedy, which you can order online right now, is able to restore erectile function in minutes. In addition, the drug is different and the duration of the action! It is almost immediately absorbed by the body, giving a tangible effect.

Three-quarters of men who used Avana experienced the effect after a quarter of an hour after admission, while the maximum concentration in the body was reached within one hour. The drug lasts six hours.

At the end of this period, the remedy is converted to neutral metabolites and completely eliminated from a man’s body. Seventy-five percent of the treated substance is eliminated by the gastrointestinal tract, the remaining components being excreted by the kidneys.

All the characteristics of the remedy named Avana

Avana should be drunk fifteen minutes before sexual intimacy. The maximum daily dose is a tablet of the drug or half of the tablet. The remedy can be combined with fatty foods and a small amount of alcohol, which does not weaken its action.

In no case should you exceed the dosage alone. If erectile dysfunction has recently appeared. Experts recommend not to take more than ½ tablet per day (50 mg of active substance). If there is no appropriate effect, you should increase the dose to a pre-treatment tablet.

When you shouldn’t take the Avana from India?

It is not advisable to buy Avana from India cheap by men whose sexual activity may cause fainting or heart attack. Consultation of the attending physician before the use of the drug is mandatory if you suffer from uncontrolled pressure disorders. Have suffered a myocardial infarction or stroke. Have an ulcer of the intestine or stomach, various deformities of the penis, Optic ischemic neuropathy, Multiple myeloma.

The precautions of taking of Avana

The substance Avanafil can not be combined with any number of drugs categorically, including products containing nitrates. Drugs that normalize hypertension, alpha-blockers, CYP3A4 inhibitors, antihypertensive drugs. The violation of these instructional instructions inevitably leads to severe reactions and causes significant damage to the body. Therefore, read the instructions for this product carefully before making the order.

The side effects after taking of the remedy

Avana is one of the safest ways to maintain potency, however, in a small percentage of cases. The drug causes short-term adverse reactions, including headache, sore throat, runny nose and swelling of the nose, back and back pain. Clinical trials have confirmed that all these reactions are temporary and eliminated after two to four hours.

You make an order to buy Avana from India in our online pharmacy and than you forget about your sexual problems forever. Your partner will also be very happy with you and will pass in your arms every night.