Daily sex: is it necessary?

Studies of the nature of eroticism and sex continue. Now we can confidently say that there are at least seven reasons for having sex daily or at least three times a week.

So, these are the seven reasons:

  • first, sex is a great way to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Daily sex, namely, ejaculation, in some way affects the likelihood of cancer. Therefore, daily sex will help reduce this probability by 22%, which is almost a quarter. In fact, scientists cannot explain the essence of this phenomenon in detail, since there are no initial prerequisites, but the fact remains. Many scientists joke that this is a great way to achieve intimate communication from a partner on a scientific basis
  • second, sex on a regular basis is also your chance to suffer less from flu, cold and other similar diseases. A special study was conducted: American scientists determined the dependence of the level of immunoglobulin against infections that penetrate the body. The level of protection is much higher in those people who at least twice a week consistently engaged in sex. Accordingly, even more frequent sexual acts will increase your ability to be immune to viruses to almost absolute value
  • third, another American scientist in practice clearly demonstrated that those people who have regular frequent sexual relations with a partner look much younger, not to mention self-confidence. Approximately 7-12 years, depending on the frequency of sex, is the difference between two people of the same age. It is, of course, a visual difference. Moreover, physical exercises in the process will help you maintain your body in a good shape. To begin with, you can try to set the lowest bar twice a week, but the more the better
  • the fourth reason was discovered specifically for women. It is proven that regular sex helps avoid painful and unpleasant sensations during menstruation. Studies show that about 9% of women in 2000 used masturbation as a remedy from menstruation pain. Agree, this method is much more pleasant than tablets
  • moreover, regular sex life greatly increases the chances of a woman conceiving and bearing a child, since the immune system is hardened. In other words, the more often you try, the faster are your chances of conceiving a child grow
  • a sufficiently strong sixth reason will be the ability to resist stress, which was also scientifically proven in 2005. Patients in the study showed excellent results against the development of hypertension: the body comes in a tone and gets less sick for any reason
  • and, finally, another good reason from American and Korean scientists. The fact is that experts came to the conclusion that regular frequent sexual contacts raise the level of intelligence. Studies were conducted on rodents, but the results were unambiguous: the functionality of the brain and the ability to solve more complex problems significantly increased.

Is it worthwhile to say something about the benefits of regular sex? Besides the fact that this process will give you a lot of pleasant sensations, you can also become smarter, experience fewer pains, and just become a happier person. Add to this a tight, slender body and the ability to prolong your youth, and do not waste time!