Features of the effects of drugs for potency on the body

It can be safely asserted that Sildenafil is a very famous, if not the most famous remedy for male potency all over the world. Few people know that the drug was originally to be used for another purpose: it was created to treat heart disease, but today this property is irrelevant. Viagra’s ad is not even required because the drug is known everywhere, but the outstanding effect cannot be overlooked. It is known that most men, who used Viagra, noted its positive effect in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In this case, all patients initially had problems with erection. The active phase of the drug lasts for 4 hours; this is one of the main characteristics of Sildenafil in the composition of Viagra. Sildenafil is one of the most commonly used drugs, but there are others that have been created, like its counterparts. Initially, Sildenafil was developed as a drug for the treatment of heart disease, because it is capable of provoking blood flow to the organs. However, during the tests, doctors drew attention to the positive effect of the drug on male potency, so Sildenafil received a second application. Subsequently, the effect of Sildenafil on the heart was minimized.

One of the most popular analogs of Viagra is the Kamagra, which is now produced in India. In the composition of this drug, there is also Sildenafil; its amount in one tablet reaches 100 mg.

The most common advice on the correct intake of the drug:

  • take Sildenafil before meals so that the stomach is empty
  • optimal intake time is one hour before the alleged sexual intercourse
  • it is not recommended to mix Sildenafil with fatty foods.

The duration of the effect of the two drugs, Cialis and Viagra, also differs. If Viagra acts on the order of 4 hours, Cialis is able to maintain its effect for 36 hours. This characteristic gave the drug the second slang name “tablet for the weekend”. It is important to remember that Cialis will have an effect only if there is additional sexual stimulation. Otherwise, the effect will remain extremely potential. Male sexual organ returns to its natural state immediately after the completion of sexual intercourse. In 2014, Cialis, thanks to its high efficiency and continued action, has become the most popular drug for treating male erectile dysfunction.

There is another medicine, Levitra. Its effect does not depend not only on food intake but also on alcohol, which is a significant advantage of this drug. The Levitra effect can last up to 10 hours, the active phase occurs 20 minutes after ingestion.