The relation between potency and libido

The concepts of potency and libido have their differences, in spite of the fact that they are often confused. Potency involves the ability of a man to physically perform sexual intercourse. In this case, the potency is within the norm if a man commits sexual acts, having the desire for this. In turn, libido is more an instinct, an attraction that a man feels for a woman. The concept of libido appeared not so long ago, its author is the famous scientist Sigmund Freud.

Despite the fact that these are two different concepts, often both libido and potency depend on one and the same. For example, initially the attraction and potency depend on testosterone: on how and in what quantities it is produced. In this case, if we talk about the period of puberty, testosterone is responsible for the male sex signs of hormone. It helps them appear and remain unchanged. Moreover, with insufficient amount of testosterone a man experiences a weak inclination or does not experience it at all. In such cases, you can talk about impotence. In this case, according to statistics, young men have fewer problems associated with sex, while in the elderly, the production of testosterone slows down. When a man reaches the age of 25, the amount of testosterone begins to decrease gradually, so by the age of 40, almost all men are deficient in this important hormone.

What else does libido and potency depend on? The psychological component is also very important. In medicine, there were very many cases when the psychical effect on the potency had a stronger effect than the physical. In this case, there is even the term “psychological impotence”, which means the absence of physical diseases, but the presence of impotence is due to problems with the psyche. Such a trauma affects both libido and sexual desire. Failure in bed aggravates the situation; a man can experience a very weak attraction. Also, a man can experience a strong attraction to one individual and very weak or absent to another. This is normal. It is believed that the sex drive to all in a row is a mental health disorder.

Why can a man have a problem with potency? There can be many reasons. The most frequent problems are with the reproductive system, in particular, diseases such as prostatitis, urethritis and STDs. Also hormonal diseases and trauma to the genitals can affect the body. When you go to the doctor, you will have to go through a full medical examination to identify the cause of the problem.

How to strengthen libido at home:

  • sleep properly
  • get rid of excess weight
  • eat healthy food
  • do sports, etc.

Your libido depends on your health. A man who leads an active lifestyle and does not harm his body, very rarely experiences problems with erection.