How to take medicines for potency correctly?

The main rule, which should always be adhered to, is that the patient should not take more than one tablet a day. You can safely take pills if you are an adult male. It is necessary to consult a doctor if you suffer from one or more chronic diseases of internal organs.

Rules for the reception of tablets:

  • Viagra (Kamagra) in 100 mg should be taken no later than one hour before the alleged sexual intercourse. The drug requires a diet without fatty foods and alcohol. The action of Viagra lasts for 4 hours in the normal case
  • Cialis, 20 mg, does not require a diet; it works very quickly, so you can take it 15 minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse. Cialis action lasts for 36 hours
  • Levitra, 20 mg, is the easiest to use, since you do not have to adjust your diet, alcohol is also allowed. The effect comes in 20 minutes and lasts about 10 hours.

This dosage is ideal for health in all respects, except for erectile dysfunction, middle-aged men. If you are an elderly patient, you may need a personal dose adjustment.

All of the above drugs have potential side effects. Runny nose and headaches are manifested in an average 10% of patients.

It is strongly advised not to use several drugs at once. This can harm the body. Do not exceed the indicated daily dosage!